Why You Need a French Press In Your Life

If you love nothing more than a beautiful, rich cup of coffee but don’t want to always go out to a local coffee shop then you need a French press in your life. A French coffee press is a basic piece of kit which will make the finest coffee that you can dream of in the home. The press includes a jug with a plunger inside it that has a filter. The idea is that you fill the jug with hot water and coffee, before plunging the filter down to leave nothing but velvety and tasty coffee below it.

If you need any convincing as to why you need a French press in your life, here are just a few reasons for you.

No Filters

I can’t tell you how many times I ran out of paper filters and only realized when it was too late. Whilst we are on the subject of paper filters, I also discovered that they absorbed whatever is in the air and then drip it into your coffee when you use a machine. With a French press however, you will never have to worry about paper filters again as these use metal filters which have a hell of a lot of mileage before you need to replace them.

Better Taste

At the heart of the matter here is taste and coffee doesn’t get much better than when you make it using a French press. The beauty of this piece of kit in comparison to a coffee machine, is that you can allow the coffee to brew for as long as you see fit. When you use a French press you should do so with coarsely ground beans as this is how to get the fullest flavor. When beans are ground down to powder like you use with a coffee machine, the grinding process releases a lot of flavor which you consequently lose.

No Breakages

I won’t say that French press is unbreakable as if you drop it on the floor, it will not survive. With this being said however, it will not break on its own the way that many coffee machines do. There are only 2 basic components to a French press which means very little can and will go wrong with it.


When you use a French press to serve coffee to your friends or at the table of a dinner party, you can really use it to add a little bit of theater to proceedings. Unlike handing someone a cup of coffee, you can take the French press over to the table and hit the plunger in front of your guests before serving them a fresh cup of tasty coffee. This is just another reason why a French press is an absolute necessity for anyone looking who loves a cup of coffee.


In spite of all of the fancy machines and ‘tasty’ instant coffees out there, in truth there is only one answer to making the best cup of coffee that you can, and that is to buy a French press for your home.

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