The most expensive cities in Europe to travel

For those of you wishing to avoid making the mistake of visiting any of the more expensive European cities then here are a few suggestions of where to avoid at all costs literally. Not surprising the most expensive city to visit is Zurich in Switzerland where you can easily budget in around $125 a day for expenses like accommodation and food and drinks. Depending on where you are travelling from and exchange rate fluctuations even a short break is going to be expensive. No wonder it is the playground for the more well off amongst people.

Not far behind Zurich is the Icelandic capital Reykjavik and the Northern Italian city of Venice. Venice has always been a popular tourist destination so it is no surprise to see it up there. A short gondola ride can cost up to $80 and due to its geography and rising water levels walking is sometimes not an option.

The surprise package is Iceland which has seen a large rise in tourism in recent years due to improved accessibility from numerous budget airlines. Many attractions are free and there is the famous hot springs and volcanic activity. Taking a nice hot bath outside in the sub-zero temperatures is worth the visit in itself. Also the spectacular Northern Lights make it a great all round experience. The people of Iceland do have a very good standard of living and are also rated as some of the happiest people in the world. It is good to see the country recovering after the financial disasters of 2007/2008.

Another place that always seems to find itself as one of the most expensive in Europe is London. The world famous Oxford Street and Harrods are shoppers paradises so it might not be best to get carried away with the old credit card. Food and drinks can also be expensive too, especially if you are eating at some of London’s finest Michelin starred restaurants. One positive is that many of the attractions such as museums and galleries are actually free and they have a hop on hop off bus which visits all the major places of interest for a relatively small price.

Finally for all the foodies out there we also have to include the cities of Paris and Rome. France as we know has some of the worlds leading chefs so if you are visiting one of their establishments be aware that top quality dining doesn’t come cheap!

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