The guide to hitchhike around Europe.

Planning to hitchhike around Europe? Well, you’re about to embark on the journey of a lifetime! Here are some great tips to make sure that you’re well prepared before you hit the road.


Location is so important when hitchhiking. Showing up on the wrong side of the city when you need to be heading the other way is not good, it’ll also probably take you several hours to back track. If you’re clear with the driver where you need to go they will make sure you’re in the right place, there are a lot of people who will even go out of their way to drop you in the right place.

Be coordinated

You need to be able to check that you’re going the right way and also double check that your driver is also heading in the correct direction. Having a map is always handy, but having GPS on your phone is the ideal tool to have.

Keep out of the cities

Of course spending a few nights in a major city can be great fun, but only go to the city if you really want to see the place. It will be easy to get in to the city because lots of people will be going there, but getting out in rush hour traffic can take way too long. The best way to get a ride out of town is to head to a service stop or petrol station just outside of the city.

Pack some camping gear

If you’re going to be travelling long distances across several countries, then you’re going to need a tent and also a sleeping bag. It’s easy to avoid cities if you have your camping gear because you can pitch up anywhere that you’re allowed.

Trust your gut

99.9% of people are good people, but you must still keep your wits about you when hitchhiking because as with all travel there can be risks. Lots of people think hitchhiking is dangerous but I have never had a bad experience. Trust your instincts, if you have a bad feeling then just walk away because it’s not worth taking any risks.

Travel with a mate

If you’re travelling with someone then it has many benefits; it’s safer, cheaper, more fun and comfortable. Travelling with a mate or partner is the best way to go for a hitchhiking holiday – the safety issue is big and when travelling with someone gets rid of any issues.

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