The cheapest cities in Europe to travel

With the English pound currently not doing so well against the Euro and other currencies these days, a lot of people are looking for some of the cheaper places to visit in Europe. The rise in low cost carriers as well as cheap rail travel can make many place much more affordable and won’t break the bank. Personally I have found the former Soviet block countries excellent places to visit so here are a couple of suggestions for you to consider.

First on the list has got to be Krakow in the south of Poland. This city seems to be almost lost in time and has some amazing architecture especially around the main square. In the square you can also find a market selling all kinds of arts and crafts and also plenty of food stalls. Among the best value for money are the sausage and beer stalls and you can also try the local specialties ‘pierogi’ which is either a sweet or savory dumpling that the Polish like to eat at least once a day. As far as accommodation is concerned there are plenty of hostels to stay with a few located around the main train station, a two minute walk from the town centre.

Staying with Eastern Europe another popular destination is Budapest in Hungary. Buda and Pest are actually two separate cities split in half by the Danube river. There are a number of very interesting places to visit here or just take a leisurely sunset cruise down the river. Again, hostels and cheap guesthouses are readily available and just across the main bridge in the town there is a large central market with plenty of food options available. A place of interest to visit is the monument park where all of the old Soviet era statues of Lenin and Stalin can be found having been removed from the main town after independence.

A final destination that may not spring to mind is the small town of Lviv in the west of the Ukraine quite close to the Polish border. Buses and trains run regularly between the two countries so getting there is not a problem. Due to its location you are very far away from the problems they are having in the east and as the town used to be part of Poland, Polish influence can be found everywhere including the locals love of vodka. Not for the faint hearted and the locals will insist on offering you one at any time of the day or night.

So as far as some budget vacations go and a little off the beaten track, book a flight and head east. You won’t be disappointed.

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