We are Neil and Alice, and we love to travel! We are an Australian expat couple based in Streatham, London in the United Kingdom. Growing up we read that Europe is home to 528 cities, so to us, that was a challenge. We’re based in England for a while so how many of these 528 cities can we knock off? Turns out, quite a lot!

We started domestically, all over England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Then Republic of Ireland and then onto mainland europe. Every extra holiday (and even the odd sick day) means we’re off, even crazy enough to fly in one morning and out that evening. Travel means a lot to us!

So while everyone else is having kids and paying mortgages, we’re in Serbia, or Norway, or San Marino, exploring the most amazing corners of the world. And although we’d love to return time and time again to places like Porto, Edinburgh and Kilkeel, we promised ourselves to keep looking farther afield, so watch us go!


EMAIL: neilandalice@city528.com