Apps we use to help us manage our money

If you’re like the rest of the world, you will most likely check your phone about 50-100 times a day. Checking everything from text messages to the weather, but many people have now discovered that there are some great apps out there to help manage their money.

Gone are the days where you need to keep an excel file on your home pc to track your spending. Now there are great apps that will help you manage you money, help stick to a budget and also assist with investments too.

I’m sure everyone reading this knows that it can sometimes be a minefield when downloading apps because there are so many to choose from. Here are the best 4 apps that we think everyone should download today.

Mint – Best for managing your cash

It’s not even a competition really; Mint is hands down the number 1 app out there. It does everything you need; create budgets, track spending and teaches you to be smarter with your cash. You can even easily connect you bank/credit card accounts, plus your monthly bills, so everything to do with your finances is in one place.

You Need A Budget – Best for escaping debt

YNAB, as its know to its users, is different from all the other budgeting apps out there. This app helped me to stop working for payday-to-payday, start clearing off my debts and figure out what to do when unexpected costs pop up. It’s pretty simple – every pound has a job and you have to make use of it. I couldn’t live without it now! A lot of users claim that they save around 300 pounds, on average, in their first month!

Wally – Best for tracking expenses

If we’re tracking expenses for work we are super organized and efficient, so why don’t we do it for our personal expenses? Wally is a free app and you’ll love it when you download it. You don’t have to keep typing in every thing you spend money on, Wally allows you to simply take a photo of the receipt. It’s easy to use, simple, clean and free! If you’d really like an app that provides a great, clear insight in to where you spend your money then Wally is the app for you.

Do you use any of the apps we’ve listed here? Let us all know about your thoughts, tips and experiences – all you have to do is pop your musings in the comment section below.

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